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This course is designed to improve oral communication skills and develop confidence in public speaking and debating while also providing a forum to evaluate how the media shapes popular opinion. This course is designed to introduce the student to a  classical; Aristotelian understanding of rhetoric. Students will be trained to "see the available means of persuasion" and then through that channel captivate or move an audience. To that end each student will engage in literary; verbal; and physical activities useful for molding an orator comfortable in various public speaking fora.

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United States

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Saint John Paul II Catholic High School

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3120 N 137th Avenue

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Fine Arts

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Does not meet competency requirement. In order for a competency to meet the fine arts requirement; the course must meet the following criteria.

"Fine Arts courses are defined as those that provide the opportunity to gain experience and knowledge in the production and performance; analysis; interpretation; and evaluation; and historical and cultural aspects of the visual and performing arts. Courses must combine theory and practice and include critical thinking skills."

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